Take Action


If you are inspired by the movie Los Traficantes and would like to join this movement of powerful transformation through hope in the Gospel to those suffering in many places around the world, here are a few ways you can get involved.

First, consider enrolling in the Perspectives or Perspectivas course that is offered in most regions of the U.S., Latin America, and other countries. The course is offered in English and Spanish. Visit www.perspectives.org to get more information.

Adapting Esteban's true-life story into a motion picture came about while Producer/Writer Kurt Tuffendsam was attending a Perspectives Course in Los Angeles Spring, 2009. As a filmmaker, this 15-week course that brings together world history, anthropology, and theology profoundly affected his view of humanity and God's larger cosmic story. Taking this course is the best way to prepare you for meaningful involvement in cross cultural missions work.

Another way you can contribute is to form a group to pray for those who are suffering in Mexico due to the extreme violence and corruption perpetrated by powerful drug cartels. Pray for the millions who have become prisoners in their own homes, unable to send their kids to school or go outside after dark. Entire cities, news media outlets, police, military, and prisons have come under the rule of the cartels. Pray for the Gospel to impact more drug traffickers like Esteban so they too can experience redemption through Christ.

There are so many other key leaders and Pastors in Tijuana that God is using in this powerful movement of redemption and reconciliation. Please pray for Pastor Carlos and Sandra Castros who are the directors of the drug rehab center and prison ministry Esteban began many years ago.

For more information about how you or your Church might be able to partner with the Churches in Tijuana reaching out to drug addicts or prison inmates send an email to: info@missionrise.org.