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Los Traficantes retells the incredible true story of Esteban Mendoza Cruz, former Mexican drug lord, who in 1999 experienced a major transformation after finding redemption through faith in Christ while serving a 33-year sentence in La Mesa prison in Tijuana. The prison, one of Mexico's most corrupt, was called "El Pueblito" by locals that frequently entered to buy drugs, hire prostitutes, or carry out other illegal activities.

The most unlikely convert in the most unlikely of places, Esteban was discipled by missionaries visiting the prison. After a short time he began pastoring a Church that grew rapidly to nearly 600 inmates. From the beginning, his Church was marked by loving the most hardened criminals and serving those in desperate need including feeding children, teaching them, and protecting them from the dangers of "Las Carpas", where children in the prison were regularly abused by older male inmates.

This movie gives audiences the chance to see how one man's story can inspire real hope for change. For almost a decade, horrific stories of violence and crime committed by Mexican drug cartels have dominated International news. Millions have been affected by drug abuse and violence associated with the drug trade in Mexico.

The world watches without hope as powerful drug cartels progressively gain control over every aspect of Mexican society causing their people to live in constant fear and intimidation. This movie brings hope in the reality that forgiveness through Christ can redeem even drug traffickers and transform individuals, families, and entire cities.